The Weaving Process

Undyed natural yarn-silk-bamboo-merino

Winding Skein of yarn from cone

Dyeing yarn

Dyed yarn drying

Cones of dyed yarn

Winding dyed skein onto cone

Designing, planning and calculating

Winding the warp

Warp being threaded on table loom

Threading the table loom

Threading the heddles on the table loom

Winding the bobbin

Assortment of shuttles and threading hooks

Warp on the table loom

Weaving on the table loom

Tying the peddles on the floor loom

Threading the heddles on the floor loom

Threading the reed on the floor loom

Yarn threaded through the reed

Weaving on floor loom as it winds onto bottom roller

Weaving on the floor loom

Knotting the ends after removing the woven piece from the loom

Tentering (pinning out flat) after washing the finished work.